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Why hire a personal stylist

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Hello! You've found yourself here because there's some curiosity to find what a personal stylist exactly does and is this something that is attainable?

Personal stylists tend to have the reputation that they are solely for the rich and famous and I am pleased to tell you that is just a myth simply not true. We are accessible to most and our services will open the door to more free time in your life.


All personal stylist and shoppers have their own strengths and areas of expertise. I for instance, am an independent personal stylist who specializes with women's ready-to-wear and incorporates size inclusivity to my clients. I will guide you to highlight the areas you love the most while showing you ways to embrace the areas you are used to hiding.

I am not affiliated with a big box subscription service. I've had the pleasure of building my relationships with clients over years and in return these relationships have turned into great friendships. When you're doing your research on which route to hire; a big box service uses algorithms and surveys to identify what clothing to send you. These services can be great and they're cost effective but it's purely transactional and there is no knowledge of the pieces you already own or your lifestyle. You'll never meet your stylist or even be guaranteed you'll work with the same person again.

As your personal stylist it is my job to always be on the hunt for the best additions for you and already know every piece of your existing closet. It's my passion to know where you are wearing our curated looks and I crave the text messages of your outfit of the day that we put together.


It's completely understandable if you're still not sure if this service is needed in your life. Below are just a few examples why a stylist would be helpful to work with.

Maybe you landed a new job and need to revamp your wardrobe. A big promotion; I'll show you how to tackle the appropriate attire without blending into corporate America's ill fitting black basic suit.

Most women, have gone through some body changes in their lives; weight loss or gain, new mom, and so on. We can work together and create a no judgement zone where we work on any insecure areas and how to dress for them. I'll show you what fabrics will drape in a flattering silhouette, the correct colors and certain tricks of the trade that will help elongate legs, nip the tummy, etc.

In many cases, you know what you like but you're a busy woman! You do not have the time to comb through every website and pull looks from multiple stores. You need someone likeminded that can do all of this work for you and present you with the finished product.

There really are endless reasons why a personal stylist is needed in your life and in the end our goal is to make your wardrobe stress free part and let you focus on other ambitions.

I hope this was helpful and no questions are to small should you want to contact me and discuss this further!



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