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What can a personal stylist do for you?

Yay! You've made the decision to hire a personal stylist/shopper; finally someone to come in and help identify your personal style and streamline your wardrobe.

Now that you're on the search for a stylist, I'd like to give you more of insight on the process of working with a stylist. It's important to also note that all independent stylists businesses will slightly differ and there is no one size fits all in this field; part of the beauty with working with a small business.

Below you'll see an outline of my process with new clients and what to expect.


First step is a complimentary consultation, usually a 20 minute phone call via FaceTime or Zoom. We'll discuss your lifestyle, goals, and a few things in-between to better acquant ourselves. This is also a time where we make sure we are a good match together and if you see yourself trusting me with your outer image.

Closet Cleanse is the second step, here we will see how your wardrobe currently stands and where we envision it going. This can be done either virtual or in person. It is your time to receive much needed feedback on what to purge, tailor, donate, sell, keep. I'll offer you styling tips and how to wear your pieces multiple ways along with implementing organizational tactics for easy mornings.

Third and final step is the shopping trip! This is the time to fill in gaps we noticed your wardrobe in missing (blazers, leather jackets, black pants, etc.) This can be virtually where I create a digital look-book for you of linked images ready for you to purchase or we can shop in person at a location of our choice. You'll arrive to a curated private room all the looks you'll need will be pulled ahead of time and styled, saving you some time and energy!

This is my outline for new clients and the services can continue into travel packing, event dressing, monthly closet editing and so much more.

Your wardrobe like yourself is always evolving and growing and together our relationship will continue to keep it maintained and elevated.

I hope you've found this to be a helpful read and should you have any questions please contact me!

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